Harold Ennulat Professional Control Systems Engineer
                     Harold EnnulatProfessional Control Systems Engineer

Where I worked:

www.foth.com : a company I worked for!

Here is an example of a project I was a lead engineer on.

Control Engineering Resources:

I am not aware of any web resource that is customizable by the user to put the controls engineering resources that are used most frequently on a single web page that the user configures. Till someone has a customizable controls resources portal, here is a collection of controls engineering resources I've found on the web. This is at this point a fairly rich, if rather raw listing.

General Controls Resources:  These are now dated but may still be good references.

Control Engineering "Resource Center" General Controls Information. Requires registration but the information is free.

Control Theory and Engineering Links from Theorem.Net

Automation.com: "Real Time Information For The Automation Professional"

Control Engineering Virtual Library: Controls Educational Institution Resources from around the world. From the University of Cambridge.

Control Engineering Resources. This looks like an Austrailian student or professors collection of lnks

The Engineering Toolbox: Includes lots of Controls information and resources.

Internet resources for control engineers: Lots of links from a French engineer

Engineering Resources for Motion Control Systems: From BEI Encoders. Includes "Engineering Resources", "Environmental Ratings", "Hazardous Area Resources", "Professional Organizations", and engineering "Publication" web site links.

Engineering Resources Online: A UK website that links UK companies web sites.

Engineering-Tips Forums :

Constants and Conversion Factors: A listing of sites.

For more resourses see my on line bookmarks at Delicious .
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Phone: 1 (651) 442-5691

E-mail: HEnnulat@comcast.net


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